The Importance of Dental Health in Pets

Your pet's dental health is very important to a pets overall condition. Statistically, 80% of all dogs over 3 and 70% of all cats over 3 years of age have some clinical degree of periodontal disease. Long standing dental tartar can result in bad breath, tooth root abscesses, tooth loss, pain, heart disease and kidney disease. Remember: if either gingivitis or more than slight tartar buildup are present, periodontal disease is present.

Tartar Prevention and Dental Cleanings

We will work with you to establish a plan to help prevent dental tartar from forming on your pet's teeth. Schedule an appointment today to learn about all the ways you can help prevent dental disease in your pets.

Should your pet acquire dental tartar, we offer dental cleaning which consists of optional digital dental x-rays followed by ultrasonic scaling to remove dental tartar and plaque. After all of the teeth are scaled a measurement probe is inserted at 6 different points around every tooth to detect any dental pockets that may be present. This if followed by a polishing of the tooth surface to remove any rough spots created by the ultrasonic scaler. The final step is dental charting of all missing/extracted/diseased teeth and marking of any dental pockets.

While under anesthesia, patients receive thermal support and have their EKG, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure and heart rate monitored on our advanced surgical monitor. After the procedure, patients are recovered in our dedicated Intensive Care Unit and may receive additional thermal and are monitored until they are fully conscious and their body temperature has returned to normal.