How Diagnostics Can Benefit Your Pet

Hickory Small Animal Hospital's diagnostic capability includes:

  • In-house chemistry, blood cell counter and blood clotting time analyzers. Our chemistry machine can run numerous test including blood electrolytes, thyroid hormone, and bile acids. The blood cell counter is able to quantify the pet's red blood cells, platelets and a 5 part differential for the animal's white blood cells. Our blood clotting times analyzer can detect rodenticide toxicity or other diseases than can elevate clotting times.
  • In-house incubator for urine cultures.
  • Digital tonometer to detect and help manage glaucoma.
  • EKG machine for diagnosis and management of heart arrhythmias.
  • Doppler and High-Definition Oscillometry blood pressure monitors for the diagnosis and management of hypertension in dogs and cats.
  • Hickory Small Animal Hospital also has in-house pregnancy blood testing.
  • Should your pet require advanced diagnostics, our outside lab can process the tests and have the results usually overnight.