How to Manage Flea Infestations

To properly control fleas, it is best to understand the flea life cycle. Click here to review the flea life cycle.

Goals of Proper Flea Control

  1. Kill the fleas that are currently biting and feeding on the dog or cat - This is achieved by using and administering properly quality flea medications. Click here to view which flea medications we offer.
  2. Elimination of the infestation in the premises - This is often the most difficult aspect of flea control. Feral cats and certain wildlife species, commonly carry the cat flea. As these animals move through the neighborhood, flea eggs are dropping off; this is particularly important in shaded, protected habitats where the eggs and larvae are likely to survive and develop into adult fleas, such as under bushes, shrubs, porches and crawl spaces. As we let our pets outdoors, these emerging fleas jump onto our pets. Then within 24-48 hrs those newly acquired female fleas will begin laying eggs and very shortly will be producing 40-50 eggs/day.
  3. Preventing future flea infestations of your pet(s) - This is achieved by continuing flea medications and environmental control. Once the infestation is eradicated, a lot of pet owners often stop treatments. If a pet has had a flea infestation in the past and flea control is not maintained, then the infestation will likely recur.

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