Your Trusted Pet Surgeons

From elective to emergency surgeries, Hickory Small Animal Hospital offers a wide range of surgical procedures. Our electrosurgical unit cauterized while it cuts offering excellent hemorrhage control without the added expense of laser surgery. Hickory Small Animal Hospital also has a Ligasure Vessel Sealing unit which seals then cut any blood vessels under 7mm in diameter without the need for sutures.

In addition, all of our surgery patients undergo the following:

  • Emergency drug dosages are calculated and printed out for the patients and kept with them until recovery. Emergency drugs are easily accessible in all rooms were animals are anesthetized and recovered.
  • A physical exam is performed before surgery to make sure their main body systems are prepared for surgery.
  • A surgical risk assessment is done to determine which precautions and which anesthetics will be used.
  • All surgery patients undergo a surgical checklist before, during and after as recommened by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.
  • Surgical patients are maintained on oxygen and gas anesthesia during surgery.
  • While under anesthesia, patients receive thermal support via a circulating warm water blanket to maintain their body temperature.
  • Their following vitals are monitored on our advanced surgical monitor and documented during the procedure: EKG, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Doctors performing the procedure are under full cap, mask, sterile gown and gloves.
  • After the procedure, patients are recovered in our dedicated Intensive Care Unit and may receive additional thermal support if necessary. They are monitored until they are fully conscious and their body temperature has returned to normal.